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Soulular Clarity is a unique vibrational technology that has become a way of life for Karen Lovelien & Fred Boshardt.  It is a way of creating a clear vibrational alignment with your true nature.  It is for this time on the planet. For we, individually and as a collective, are the means through which the global shift is now emerging.  The Soulular Clarity tools and practices that have been revealed through Karen & Fred provide a way of flowing forth into your original life purpose, your unique expression that was coded in the seed that was planted within you before you first emerged on this planet.

30 years ago, Karen Lovelien experienced a sudden loss of the life she had known. In recognition that she did not know who she was or why she was here, Karen dropped into profound surrender where her only prayer was, “Show me, teach me, use me.”  With that, the veil to all dimensions lifted and the journey that became the discovery of Soulular Clarity began.

Over 25 years ago Karen met Fred Boshardt.  In addition to their own spiritual practice, Karen & Fred participated in a weekly group meditation practice, where the two of them began receiving information for creating a sustainable building system.  They began to create in meditation in a unified field, i.e. “Wherever two or more are gathered in thy name…”  It is through this and all the practices of Soulular Clarity that they support each other in their individual paths, and their collective purpose has become a reality.

Read about Karen’s life journey of self-discovery in her new book: VOICES: Women Braving It All to Live Their Purpose.

In VOICES eleven awe-inspiring women share how they braved it all to live in their true nature in the world.
Karen's story, Soulcraft of a Starseed begins on Page 19.


Maria's Bookshop, Durango

 Aveda Telluride Spa, Telluride

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