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Soulular Clarity is a unique vibrational healing practice created through Karen Lovelien beginning 30 years ago.


The purpose of Soulular Clarity is to attune the frequencies of your cells to your unique soul imprint. 

> To begin, Karen accesses and shares specific high-dimensional sound and light frequencies to remove unconscious energetic blocks, thought-forms, implants, fears and cords that may be causing physical or emotional dis-ease. These often-debilitating energies are removed from individuals’ physical cells and energy centers. By clearing these imprints from lifetimes and generations, the ages impacted in this lifetime are then revealed and healed.

>  She then vibrationally realigns you to your true nature and teaches heart-centered practices you can use to stay clear and flow forward in greater ease and joy.

>  Karen and Fred share this unique vibrational technology, tools and practices for you to continue to align, receive guidance in your own unique way and to use conscious choice as your navigational tool in moving forward in the many expressions of your life purpose.

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   -  Intuitive Healing Sessions, in person or phone

   -  Spiritual Coaching

   -  Speaking Engagements 

   -  Retreats

   -  Seminars

   -  Group Sirius Living Light Activations

   -  Mystical Tours to Sacred Sites


EXPERIENCE: High Frequency Cellular Re-genesis


DISCOVER: A new vibrational technology for living, aligned in your original life purpose.


"Karen is a brilliant and resourceful creator and proponent of all things probably not understood by most of us! Absolutely recommend her ability to see way beyond the surface of things and into the heart and minds of all those who are fortunate enough deal with her!"

-Rev. Nancy Zala

"Karen connects with you in a way few people can. She gets to the core issue and guides you to heal what is now ready to release. Karen is a very gifted and superb healer!"

-Linda Kemp

"I am learning and practicing ways to honor myself and honor my creativity, in all the aspects it shows itself throughout my day in small impulses which releases more and more residual resistance to surrendering to the fullness, wholeness, bigness...thank you for being my friend and a teacher".

-Darla Murray Loomis

"Totally Spirit driven, Karen is in constant communication with higher levels of consciousness. Helping people to identify and release energetic blocks while teaching them new energetic techniques for moving forward in their lives."

-John B.

"Karen is a healer. She works with frequency and has helped me remove roadblocks to my healing. She is a 10 out of 10."

-Theresa Fincher

"I love love your story and your ability to bring meaning to others' lives, Karen. You are a true healer, calm and loving, wise and evolving." 

-Chloe Rachel Gallaway



Gratitude from EGYPT tour guest, Craig Woods

"Dear Karen & Fred, I finished integrating the trip around the 3rd week in June. It was a huge trip and very liberating. I received things that had been held aside my whole life. New channels were opened and much more access in spirit was opened up. The receiving I did in the King's Chamber opened up a whole new world of service. I discovered that the old Melchizadeks are still in Egypt. They filled me up. I didn't really understand how strong the experience was until leaving Egyptian airspace. It's the only country I've visited besides India in which the mental space is clear and unpolluted. I count the trip as a great completion of many years work. Thanks to you and Fred for putting it together."

-Craig Woods

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Stone Tower
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