Peru & Bolivia

Explore the mysteries held in sacred sites:
Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, and more; then transcend what may seem possible at the crystalline/healing waters of Lake Titicaca.

Your tour leaders, Karen Lovelien and Fred Boshardt anchor high frequency multi-faceted Spiritual Light in the world and are connected to Spiritual Masters and to the Sirius Star System. They have been guided to activate the Living Light of Sirius to the core of the planet in over 200 locations, in preparation for higher frequency full planetary activations anchored with groups in Tibet and in the Kings Chamber in Egypt. The ceremony in Tibet was held on a tour to Nepal.

Every detail of the Peru/Bolivia tour (lodging, guides, Shamans, sites, etc.) has been selected to create both a clear vibrational environment and opportunities for life-altering experiences. You will find yourself:

  • immersed in the breathtaking beauty and energetic clarity of these sacred sights,

  • experiencing expansion into what is possible beyond our current human understanding,  

  • capturing personal insights for expressing your unique soul imprint in the world.



During our first three days/nights exploring the Sacred Valley, expect to be nurtured in luxury at the Willka T’ika Garden Retreat Center.  Willka T’ika’s magnificent healing gardens will provide you with the opportunity to relax, restore, and set your intention for the tour in the powerful energy of the Andes.

Willka T’ika Garden Retreat Center
in Peru's Sacred Valley 

Egypt Tour Testimonial

"Dear Karen,
I finished integrating the trip around the 3rd week in June. It was a huge trip and very liberating. I received things that had been held aside my whole life. New channels were opened and much more access in spirit was opened up. The receiving I did in the King's Chamber opened up a whole new world of service. I discovered that the old Melchizadeks are still in Egypt. They filled me up. I didn't really understand how strong the experience was until leaving Egyptian airspace. It's the only country I've visited besides India in which the mental space is clear and unpolluted. I count the trip as a great completion of many years work. Thanks to you and Fred for putting it 

Love, Craig"

Reed Islands 13.jpg

Let's create memories together!

Fred & Karen

on a reed boat, Uros Islands

Lake Titicaca




NEPAL w/ Integration

w/ Karma Bhotia

Nepal tour group.jpg
Himalaya mountain top.jpg