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A Soul Call to Anchor a Shift in our Planet's Vibratory Field

It is no mistake that we were born at this transformational time in history, each with a unique soul imprint to play a role only we, as individuals and as a collective, can play to align in purpose with Spirit. 


This tour is an answer to a Soul Call to create a shift in the planet's vibratory field.  This tour and the work we will do on it is a love assignment. We will be coming together in a unified field of Divine Light at specific aligned Sacred sites to anchor and shift the frequency of the collective from the heavy weight of loss (loss of loved ones, livelihood, homes and for many the loss of all) into the illuminating frequencies of pure Divine Light. 

Our hearts will expand with each activation on our journey, leading to our private time in a sacred sound ceremony in the King’s Chamber of The Pyramid of Cheops, otherwise known as the Great Pyramid. 

The chambers within the Great Pyramid were built to be in alignment with Sirius, Orion's Belt, Alpha Draco & Kachcb star systems. During this ceremony, we will access the expansive frequencies of pure Love these stars emanate.  

As we allow the higher frequencies of Love to flow through us, the chamber will be filled with a vibrational resonance that will reverberate throughout the planet via the Great Pyramid's connection to the earth’s Sacred Power Sites.

This guided journey has been crafted so that each of us will return home with new insights and an expanded capacity to live in the world, filled with inner peace, harmony, love, celebration and unadulterated child-like joy.


EGYPT 2021

w/ Integration at a Red Sea Beach Resort
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King's Chamber Ceremony
5am Thanksgiving 2021 

The Soul Call was answered in a private ceremony in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid. Karen Lovelien led the 1.5 hr. guided ceremony where specific vocal frequencies as tones moved through her, reverberating within this ancient sound chamber. Our hearts connected in a unified field as the frequencies resonated through the group up into the stars, then down into the earth directly below us. The Great Pyramid is located on one of two primary intersections on the earth's electromagnetic grid system, thus activating the atmosphere of the entire planet. David Mallen then led everyone in a powerful rolling Aum. With the anchoring of these specific frequencies by those called to participate both within the chamber and those serving as space holders at home, the vibratory field in the atmosphere of the planet shifted. All can realize they are now OK. New choices are available moment to moment for all to access greater clarity for moving forward in their lives. 

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Experiencing the history and mystery of EGYPT


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EGYPT 2016
w/ Integration at the Red Sea in
Sharm-el-Seheikh, Egypt


NEPAL 2013 
w/ Karma Bhotia
w/ Integration at Thailand Beach Resort

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